China Snowmobile Rubber Track/Conveyor Belt/Sprocket/ (255*72*30) with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Snowmobile rubber observe(255*72*thirty)

Description of the rubber track method:

one. Extensive used on ATV/SUV/snowmobile/vehicles/trucks as wheels

two. Easy for automobiles to run on hill land, mud road, sand ground…

Rubber track method Materials: CZPT / UHMW-PE

Software: All terrain/season

Guarantee: twelve months

The rubber track program is primarily composed of the rubber keep track of, triangular frame,

driving wheels,supporting wheels, information pulley as nicely as connecting plated gadget…

It’s an built-in mechanical assembly which can make your auto run well at all terrain

whatever is snow, mud, sand, unfastened floor, even hill terrain…

We can also design the mounting hole in accordance to your wheel bolt sample so that you

can Install it on your auto directly with no using difficult equipment…

The characteristics and benefits of the rubber keep track of method:

1. The observe technique is gentle bodyweight creating, employing light-weight wheels and structural metal

frame or Aluminum body, that hold the keep track of models durable, with no sacrificing overall performance.

two.Our track system is all season tracks, molded rubber composite style supplies further


three.The keep track of is made without perforated openings, avoiding debris from moving into by means of

the Track. Specially developed inner generate lugs continually function on sand, snow, mud out of

the track keeping Track and framework very clear of particles.

Rubber Track Features 

Considerably less wipe out to land 

Reduced noise 

Run rapidly 

Shock slightly 

Minimal stress to land 

Potent traction 

Light of the machine 

Kindly Remind 

How to lengthen the natural lifestyle of rubber track 

Be cautious when employing the observe. 

The stress of keep track of need to change in moderation. 

Sustaining the motor vehicle track have to be in time.

P# Width (mm) Pitch (mm) No. of CZPT s (mm) Duration (mm) Bodyweight (kg)
snowmobile one two hundred 54 32 1728 6
snowmobile  2 250 64 28 1680 five
snowmobile 3 254 fifty two 32 1664 five
snowmobile 4 381/382 64 forty eight 3072 fifteen.two


Rubber Tracks Specification 
Type:PY-50A Type:PY-50B Sort:PY-60A Type:PY-60B
Url No.fifty four Hyperlink No.46 Website link No.sixty six Link No.fifty
Pitch:19mm Pitch:20mm Pitch:twelve.7mm Pitch:18.5mm
Width:50mm Width:50mm Width:60mm Width:60mm
Overall size:1026mm Overall duration:920mm Complete size:838.2mm Overall size:925mm
Excess weight:.5Kg Excess weight:.5Kg Weight:1.2Kg Excess weight:.44Kg
Kind:PY-76 Sort:PY-eighty Sort:PY-eighty five Sort:PY-100A
Url hundred twenty Url No.108 Website link No.24 Url No.fifty
Pitch:twelve.7mm Pitch:15mm Pitch:59.4mm Pitch:40mm
Width:76mm Width:80mm Width:85mm Width:100mm
Overall duration:1524mm Whole duration:1620mm Overall length:1425.6mm Complete size:2000mm
Fat:1.92Kg Excess weight:1.2Kg Fat:1.92Kg Excess weight:4Kg
Kind:PY-100B Variety:PY-110 Kind:PY-115 Variety:PY-118A
Url No.seventy six Hyperlink No.32 Website link No.32 Hyperlink No.18
Pitch:20mm Pitch:42mm Pitch:65mm Pitch:61mm
Width:100mm Width:110mm Width:115mm Width:118mm
Total duration:1520mm Overall size:1344mm Overall duration:2080mm Complete length:1098mm
Weight:1.84Kg Weight:2.12Kg Bodyweight:Kg Fat:2.32Kg
Kind:PY-118B Sort:PY-118C Kind:PY-123 Variety:PY-130
Website link No.20 Hyperlink No.24 Hyperlink No.60 Link No.28
Pitch:60mm Pitch:61mm Pitch:40mm Pitch:72mm
Width:118mm Width:118mm Width:123mm Width:130mm
Total size:1200mm Total size:1464mm Complete duration:2400mm Total duration:2016mm
Weight:2.44Kg Fat:3.9Kg Bodyweight:8Kg Bodyweight:eleven.2Kg
Variety:PY-one hundred thirty five Variety:PY-136 Sort:PY-one hundred forty Sort:PY-148
Url No.72 Url No.41 Hyperlink No.24 Website link No.36
Pitch:eighteen.5mm Pitch:45mm Pitch:80mm Pitch:60mm
Width:135mm Width:136mm Width:140mm Width:148mm
Whole length:1332mm Overall length:1845mm Overall duration:1920mm Whole length:2160mm
Bodyweight:1.66Kg Excess weight:3.56Kg Excess weight:5Kg Fat:16Kg
Type:PY-150 Kind:PY-a hundred and eighty Sort:PY-200 Type:PY-255A
Website link No.22 Link No.forty two Url No.60 Hyperlink No.30
Pitch:63.4mm Pitch:65mm Pitch:61.5mm Pitch:72mm
Width:150mm Width:180mm Width:200mm Width:255mm
Total size:1394.8mm Overall length:2730mm Whole duration:3690mm Overall length:2160mm
Bodyweight:3.6Kg   Bodyweight:20Kg Excess weight:12Kg
Type:PY-255B Sort:PY-300 Variety:PY-320 Kind:PY-350
Link No.35 Url No.fifty eight Link No.33 Website link No.53
Pitch:65mm Pitch:109mm Pitch:87mm Pitch:100mm
Width:255mm Width:300mm Width:320mm Width:350mm
Complete length:2275mm Total duration:6322mm Complete length:2871mm Overall duration:5300mm
Weight:10Kg   Fat:22Kg  
Kind:PY-382 Type:PY-400 Type:PY-420 Variety:PY-five hundred
Hyperlink No.54 Link No.46 Url No.fifty eight Website link No.forty eight
Pitch:64mm Pitch:90mm Pitch:100mm Pitch:sixty three.5mm
Width:382mm Width:400mm Width:420mm Width:500mm
Whole size:3456mm Whole size:4140mm Complete length:5800mm Whole length:3048mm
Excess weight:29Kg     Bodyweight:forty three.2Kg



Sprockets are produced to ISO606 and ASME B29.a hundred specifications, offered in plate, solitary and double hub configurations, built from large high quality carbon metal, optional tapered bushings simplify installation and elimination, therapies accessible upon request, including black oxide
China Snowmobile Rubber Track/Conveyor Belt/Sprocket/ (255*72*30) with ce certificate top quality Good price