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China Professional Hot Sale Kc Chain Couplings Sprocket Coupling

Product Description

Product Description

Product name

Taper lock bushing


Steel, Cast iron, Stainless steel


Black, Natural


Accopanying sprocket, V-type pulley, Timing pulley, Gear ect



1) Clean shaft, bore and outside of bush, and bore of hub. Remove any oil, laquer of dirt. Place bush in hub and match half holes to make comelete holes(each comeplete hole will be threaded on 1 side only).
2) Lightly oil thread and point of set screws, or thread and under head of cap screws. Place screws loosely in holes that are threaded on hub side.
3) Make sure bush is free in hub. Slip assembly CZPT shaft and locate in the desired position.
4) Tighten screws alternately and evenly until all are pulled up tightly(See table for torque settings)).
5) Hammer agsinst large end of bush using hammer and block or sleeve to avoid damage. Screws can now be turned a little more to the specified torque setting. Repeat this alternate hammering and screw re-tightening until the specified torque is reached. Fill all holes with grease to exclude dirt.

1) Remove all screws. Lightly oil thread and point of set screws, or thread and under head of cap screws.
2) Insert screws into removel holes that are threaded on the bush side. In sizes where washers are found under screws heads, be sure to use these washers.
3) Tighten screws alternately until bush is loosened in hub and then remove the coplete assembly. If bush does not loosen immediately tap on hub.

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ZheJiang Haorongshengye Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

1. Was founded in 2008
2. Our Principle:

“Credibility Supremacy, and Customer First”
3. Our Promise:

“High quality products, and Excellent Service”
4. Our Value:

“Being Honesty, Doing the Best, and Long-lasting Development”
5. Our Aim:

“Develop to be a leader in the power transmission parts industry in the world”

6.Our services:

1).Competitive price

2).High quality products

3).OEM service or can customized according to your drawings

4).Reply your inquiry in 24 hours

5).Professional technical team 24 hours online service

6).Provide sample service

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Pulley Sizes: SPA/Spb/Spc/Spz
Manufacturing Process: Casting
Material: Carbon Steel
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Application: Chemical Industry, Grain Transport, Mining Transport, Power Plant
Bore Size: Demands
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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wheel sprocket

Alternatives to Chain Sprockets in wheel sprocket Configuration

While chain sprockets are commonly used in wheel sprocket configurations, there are alternative methods for power transmission in various applications:

  • Gear and Gear Rack: Gears are toothed wheels that mesh with each other to transmit power. Instead of using a chain and sprocket, gears can directly engage with each other, offering a smooth and efficient power transfer. Gear racks, which are linear gears, can be used in place of wheels for linear motion applications.
  • Belt and Pulley: Belts and pulleys offer a flexible and quiet means of power transmission. They work similarly to chain and sprocket systems but use belts instead of chains. Pulleys have grooves that grip the belt, allowing power to be transferred between the pulleys.
  • Gear Train: A gear train consists of multiple gears meshed together to achieve specific speed and torque ratios. Gear trains are often used in complex machinery and mechanical systems where precise power transmission is required.
  • Direct Drive: In some applications, direct drive mechanisms can be used, where the motor or power source is directly connected to the wheel or load without any intermediate components like sprockets or gears.
  • Friction Drive: Friction drive systems use the friction between two surfaces to transfer power. One surface, such as a rubber wheel, is pressed against another surface to achieve power transmission.

The choice of alternative power transmission methods depends on various factors, including the application requirements, available space, speed, torque, and efficiency considerations. Each alternative method has its advantages and limitations, and the selection should be based on the specific needs of the mechanical system.

When considering alternatives to chain sprockets, it is essential to analyze the requirements of your application and consult with engineering experts or manufacturers to determine the most suitable method of power transmission for optimal performance and longevity.

wheel sprocket

Using a Belt Sprocket in Place of a Chain Sprocket with a Wheel

Yes, in many cases, a belt sprocket can be used in place of a chain sprocket with a wheel, provided that the system is designed to accommodate the change.

Both chain sprockets and belt sprockets serve the same fundamental purpose of transferring rotational motion and power between the wheel and the driven component. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket:

  • Alignment: Belt sprockets and chain sprockets must be aligned properly with the wheel to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. Any misalignment can cause premature wear and reduce the system’s overall performance.
  • Tension: Chain-driven systems require specific tension to prevent slack and maintain proper engagement between the sprockets and the chain. Belt-driven systems, on the other hand, require appropriate tension to prevent slippage. Ensuring the correct tension for the specific type of sprocket is crucial for reliable operation.
  • Load Capacity: Consider the load capacity and torque requirements of the system when selecting a belt sprocket. Belt sprockets may have different load-carrying capabilities compared to chain sprockets, and using the wrong type can lead to premature wear or failure.
  • Speed and RPM: Belt-driven systems may have different operating speeds and RPM limits compared to chain-driven systems. Ensure that the selected belt sprocket can handle the desired rotational speed without exceeding its design limitations.
  • System Design: Changing from a chain-driven system to a belt-driven system (or vice versa) may require modifications to the overall system design, including the size of the sprockets and the layout of the system. Consult with an engineer or a qualified professional to ensure that the replacement is appropriate and safe.

Overall, replacing a chain sprocket with a belt sprocket can be a viable option in certain applications. However, it’s essential to consider the factors mentioned above and evaluate the compatibility of the new sprocket with the existing system to achieve optimal performance and longevity.

wheel sprocket

Can a wheel sprocket System be Used in Bicycles and Other Vehicles?

Yes, a wheel sprocket system is commonly used in bicycles and various other vehicles. In bicycles, the wheel sprocket system is a fundamental part of the drivetrain, which transfers power from the rider’s legs to the wheels, propelling the bicycle forward.

The typical bicycle drivetrain consists of a chain, front sprockets (chainrings), rear sprockets (cassette), and the bicycle’s wheels. When the rider pedals the bicycle, the chain engages with the sprockets, and as a result, the rotational motion from the pedaling is transferred to the rear wheel.

The selection of sprocket sizes (number of teeth on chainrings and cassette) can affect the gear ratio, allowing cyclists to adjust their pedaling effort and speed to suit different terrains and riding conditions. Smaller sprockets provide easier pedaling for climbing steep hills, while larger sprockets offer higher speeds on flat or downhill sections.

Beyond bicycles, the wheel sprocket system is widely used in various other vehicles and machinery to transmit power and control speed. It can be found in motorcycles, mopeds, electric scooters, and even some small electric vehicles. Additionally, the wheel sprocket system is prevalent in industrial machinery, where precise speed control and torque transmission are essential.

The efficiency and reliability of the wheel sprocket system make it a versatile and practical choice for many vehicles and mechanical applications.

China Professional Hot Sale Kc Chain Couplings Sprocket Coupling  China Professional Hot Sale Kc Chain Couplings Sprocket Coupling
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China ABC. 01.80 Sprocket Steel Casting Coupling Sprocket Wheel Assembly sprocket dropship

Product Description



one.What do you want to give a quotation?

Remember to kindly send out us the drawing of your product. Particulars under should be provided,
A.Components B. Area Finish C. Tolerance D. Amount
(You should be noted that these are crucial for our quoting. We couldn’t estimate the specific 
price without having any of them.).

2.When can I get the price?

Our expert sales group will feedback your RFQ inside 12hours, and give you the Quotation in 48hours max. if the drawing and specification is all in details.

three.How can I get the sample to check your top quality?

Right after price confirmation, you can call for for samples to examine our product’s top quality. If you just require a blank sample to verify the manufacturing good quality, we will provide you sample after the sample order verified.

4.What is the direct time for CZPT and samples ?

For regular project, we can complete CZPT and supply the 1st write-up sample inside of thirty to 40days.
For urgently undertaking, we can comprehensive the CZPT and Sample inside of 20days max.

five.What is actually the payment phrases for Get ?

For Mould/tooling and sample : 50% deposit pay out by Order, relaxation 50% shell out after sample approval.

For manufacturing Buy for new Clients : we request 30% down payment, rest 70% shell out by copy of First B/L copy. For long lasting standard consumer, we can give better payment terms, such as a hundred% spend soon after shipping and delivery or by B/L copy.

Type: Clay Dry Sand
Casting Method: Aluminum Sand Casting
Sand Core Type: Resin Sand Core
Application: Machinery Parts
Machining: CNC Machining
Material: Aluminum A356


US$ 30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Type: Clay Dry Sand
Casting Method: Aluminum Sand Casting
Sand Core Type: Resin Sand Core
Application: Machinery Parts
Machining: CNC Machining
Material: Aluminum A356


US$ 30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Choosing the Right Chain Sprocket For Your Bike

When deciding which chain sprocket to buy, you should be aware of how they fit on the bike. These sprockets are often secured to the bike’s shaft by either one or more set screws. ANSI standards for sprocket keyways provide the proper dimensions for a given shaft diameter. However, they aren’t universal and might not apply to all applications. As a result, it is important to consult a supplier who is familiar with the exact keyway dimensions.

Roller chain sprocket

A Roller chain sprocket is a gear with toothed rollers. The tooth profile determines the arc length of the roller. A roller with an undercut tooth profile will not transmit movement properly. For this reason, the pitch line of the roller should be equal to the incremental circle length (r) divided by the number of teeth.
The chain sprocket is available in various types. They can be used in conveyor chains. They are usually available as ready-to-mount units. Finished bores and wide hubs are available for mounting them. They are also available with a roller-bearing design.
The teeth of sprocket wheels are derived from the involute-trochoid curve. In order to engage with these teeth, the roller chain must be sufficiently accurate to avoid backlash. However, conventional roller chains can also engage with these teeth. However, this cannot eliminate backlash completely. This is why the invention provides means for reducing the friction between the teeth and the roller. This also increases the life span of the roller-and-sprocket transmission.
In terms of standards, the ANSI standard is widely used in the industry. It accounts for nearly 15% of the market in Europe and holds an advantage over the ISO standards. In North America, manufacturers of sprockets follow the ANSI code B 29.1. The ANSI code provides clear design guidelines and allows for interchangeability among different types.
There are many considerations to make when selecting a sprocket. A key factor is the transmission input. For example, if the transmission has a high horsepower, the center distance between the large and small sprockets is smaller. To compensate for this, a chain with a smaller pitch may be appropriate. Also, if the transmission has a high horsepower ratio, a multiple-strand drive is a viable option.
If you’re looking for a quality roller chain sprocket, you should check out MDS. They stock a wide range of types and sizes for a variety of industrial machinery.

Gap-tooth sprocket

A gap-tooth chain sprocket has tooth-head heights greater than the ISO tooth form height. This ensures that the pins and rollers meet at a point near the tooth head, and eliminates pulsating movement and intermittent changes in speed.
The front and rear surfaces of the sprocket are convex arcs, with radii equal to each other and the center of the tooth gap bottom. This allows for a uniform pitch and reduced friction. The tooth-face height of a gap-tooth chain sprocket is equal to the pitch of the chain, while the radii of its tooth-faces are larger than that of an ISO tooth-form.
One form of gap-tooth chain sprocket has four teeth at regular intervals. The teeth are interconnected by arc-shaped tooth gap bottoms. The resulting chain pitch is called the chain pitch. The gap-tooth sprocket can be used on various types of wheels.
ISO 606 1994 (E) defines the standard chain length, while Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS B 1801) define the standard tooth form. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standards define two different tooth forms, namely S-tooth and U-tooth. The ISO and Japanese Industrial Standard tooth forms have different tooth pitches, but the root diameter of both forms is the same. The distance between each tooth is measured from the pitch polygon.
The tooth gap bottom circle of the gap-tooth sprocket gradually contacts the surface of the front tooth in the opposite side of the tooth gap. As this process continues, the tooth surface of the gap-tooth sprocket moves closer to the tooth head. This reduces the impact, which results in less noise.
The gap-tooth chain sprocket is an ideal solution for many applications. It allows the chain to disengage easily. With the same frequency, the teeth of the sprocket also help in regulating vibration. A sprocket with short teeth will be easier to disengage when necessary.
Another popular style of gap-tooth chain sprocket is the random polygon 64. The random polygon is a quadrilateral. Each vertex of the quadrilateral is assigned to one of the four consecutive pins on the uniform chain. The four consecutive pins are aligned in a gap-tooth pattern.

Steel split sprocket

Split sprockets are perfect for large portions of the drive system, as they can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly. These sprockets are also useful in applications where there is limited workspace. They can be installed without disassembling the entire shaft assembly, minimizing the risk of damage to the conveyor system and reducing downtime.
There are several different types of split sprockets, including mat chains and table chains. Each type differs in bore diameter, number of teeth, block body style, and abrasion resistance. Some are made from steel, while others are made from a non-split material.
Split sprockets are available from many manufacturers. Typically, the split sprockets are made with two pieces of steel, which are then joined together again. This assembly technique is a cost-effective way to mount sprockets on a shaft. These sprockets can be stocked in multiple sizes and keyways.
Stainless Steel sprockets are available in stock and custom configurations. They are designed to last for years to come. These sprockets are suitable for conveyors, power transmission systems, and robotics. In addition, these sprockets offer heightened quality and durability. Some of these sprockets feature a bevel or spiral bevel gear, while others are made from helical gear.
Split sprockets are available in a variety of sizes. For instance, the RCS-03 is a plain bore type, while the RCS-04 is a finished bore type. Split sprockets are available with a split taper bushed design. They are also available with either single or multiple strands.

Double-duty sprocket

If you are looking for a heavy-duty chain sprocket, you have many choices. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some have wide teeth while others have narrow teeth. You should choose a sprocket that has the correct tooth pitch for your chain’s pitch diameter. You should also pay attention to the sprocket’s bore, or the hole in its center through which the drive shaft passes.
The type of transmission will also determine the type of sprocket you need. High-power transmissions, for example, require higher-pitch sprockets than lower-pitch models. To make sure that you choose the right sprocket for your application, check the horsepower and pitch of your transmission. If you have a low-pitch transmission, choose a smaller chain pitch. High-horsepower transmissions may also require multiple-strand drive.
There are different standards for sprockets, but ANSI standards are widely accepted. For instance, ANSI code B 29.1 requires sprockets to have two teeth per chain pitch, whereas ISO standards call for three. The double-duty sprocket, on the other hand, engages every other tooth. This helps the sprocket’s lifespan.
There are many different sprockets, and each has different performance characteristics. Generally, sprockets are made of metal or reinforced plastic and are similar to bicycle gears in their wheel-shaped design. Different types of chain sprockets have different teeth and work with different types of chains. The design of the chain and sprocket also determines the type of sprocket needed.
One popular type of double-duty sprocket is the steel-split sprocket. Its pitch is half the pitch of the chain and is usually referred to as a ‘double-duty’ sprocket. It is often used for heavy-duty purposes, as it distributes the load evenly on the chain.
While sprockets come in different tooth pitches and diameters, the recommended number of teeth is 17. The more teeth on the sprocket, the longer it will last. The height of the teeth is also important. A sprocket with more teeth will increase the life of the chain.

China ABC. 01.80 Sprocket Steel Casting Coupling Sprocket Wheel Assembly     sprocket dropshipChina ABC. 01.80 Sprocket Steel Casting Coupling Sprocket Wheel Assembly     sprocket dropship
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China ABC. 01.80 Sprocket Steel Casting Coupling Sprocket Wheel Assembly with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description



1.What do you need to have to offer a quote?

Remember to kindly ship us the drawing of your solution. Information underneath ought to be integrated,
A.Supplies B. Surface area Finish C. Tolerance D. CZPT tity
(Please be observed that these are essential for CZPT quoting. We could not quote the specific 
price tag without having any of them.).

two.When can I get the cost?

Our specialist sales team will comments your RFQ inside 12hours, and give you the Quotation inside of 48hours max. if the drawing and specification is all in information.

3.How can I get the sample to check your high quality?

After cost confirmation, you can demand for samples to examine CZPT product’s quality. If you just need to have a blank sample to examine the manufacturing high quality, we will give you sample soon after the sample order confirmed.

4.What’s the direct time for CZPT and samples ?

For standard venture, we can comprehensive CZPT and source the 1st article sample inside 30 to 40days.
For urgently project, we can total the CZPT and Sample in 20days max.

five.What is actually the payment conditions for Purchase ?

For CZPT /tooling and sample : 50% deposit pay out by Get, rest 50% pay following sample approval.

For production Buy for new CZPT ers : we request 30% down payment, rest 70% shell out by copy of Original B/L copy. For CZPT long lasting standard CZPT er, we can give greater payment terms, such as a hundred% shell out soon after supply or by B/L duplicate.

Idler Pulleys: Loafer pulleys aid guide the chain in the application and support long chains grow to be as well slack.
China ABC. 01.80 Sprocket Steel Casting Coupling Sprocket Wheel Assembly with ce certificate top quality Good price

in Tshikapa Democratic Republic of the Congo sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Transmission Shaft Coupling Kc 12022 with Sprockets for Driving manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Tshikapa Democratic Republic of the Congo  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Transmission Shaft Coupling Kc 12022 with Sprockets for Driving manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Our AdvantagesProducts Huge volume in Stock, No MOQ necessary We comply with all the global standards, such as ISO9001 and TS16949 specifications. The team has taken portion in the making and revising of ISO/TC100 intercontinental chain regular a number of a long time in accomplishment and hosted the 16th ISO/TC100 Intercontinental annual assembly in 2004. EPG is a professional producer and exporter that is involved with the design and style, improvement and creation. Product Description

The roller EPT coupling is a fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble coupling of incredibly simple design. It consists of a mixture of 1 coupling EPT and a pair of coupling sprockets. FleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble and sturdy, the roller EPT coupling is ideal for a vast variety of coupling purposes.
Roller EPT coupling can utilised for the surroundings which with higher temperature, soaked and filthy situations. It is not appropriate for the event which is in substantial pace and with powerful effect load. Roller EPT coupling ought to functioning with exceptional lubrication and defense include problems.
The common EPT coupling incEPTTs double roller EPT coupling, one row roller EPT coupling, tooth shape EPT coupling, EPT EPT coupling. Its scale is compact and its weigEPTT is gentle. But roller EPT coupling don’t have large need to set up precision.
EPTTly sEPTing, it is generally in EPTT service daily life. Creation line equipment for numerous types of frozen food and dehydrated greens need to transport by stainless metal EPT. Roller EPTs are widely used to EPTT, EPTT and agricultural EPTTry, incEPTTs conveyor, drawing EPTT, printing EPTT, automobile, motorbike and bicycle.

Principal Attributes
one.Simple framework,simple assembly and disassembly.
two.LigEPTT weight,and EPTT provider life.
3.Have a certain ability to compensate for set up considerably less precision.
four.Suited for large temperature,moist and dusty EPTT environment.
five.Can not for substantial velocity,violent vibration.

EPTncial Date

EPT No. EPTT Kind d L G S D H C Bodyweight/Kg A B Casing Weight/Kg
3012 06B-2 moments 12 12~sixteen sixty four.8 29.8 5.two 35 forty five 10.two .31 69 sixty three .22
4012 forty-two occasions 12 12~22 seventy nine.4 36 seven.four 35 sixty two fourteen.four .73 seventy seven 72 .three
4014 forty-2 occasions 14 twelve~28 seventy nine.four 36 seven.four 43 69 fourteen.4 one.12 eighty four seventy five .31
4016 40-2 occasions sixteen fourteen~32 87.four forty seven.4 fifty 77 fourteen.four one.five 92 72 .35
5014 fifty-two occasions 14 fifteen~35 ninety nine.7 forty five nine.7 fifty five 86 eighteen.one 2.fifteen 101 85 .47
5016 fifty-two instances 16 sixteen~40 99.seven 45 9.7 62 ninety three eighteen.1 2.75 110 87 .five
5018 50-2 occasions eighteen sixteen~forty five 99.7 forty five nine.7 70 106 eighteen.one 3.6 122 eighty five .6
6018 sixty-two moments eighteen 20~fifty six 123.5 fifty six eleven.five 85 127 22.eight six.fifty five 147 a hundred and five 1.2
6571 sixty-2 times 20 twenty~sixty 123.five fifty six 11.5 one hundred 139 22.eight 8.38 158 one hundred and five one.6
6571 sixty-two occasions 22 twenty~seventy one 123.5 56 11.5 a hundred and ten 151 22.eight ten.four 168 117 1.8
8018 80-2 times 18 20~80 141.2 63 15.2 a hundred and ten 169 29.three 13.two 190 129 two.five
8571 80-two moments 20 20~ninety 145.two sixty five fifteen.two one hundred twenty 185 29.three 16.2 210 137 two.9
8571 80-two instances 22 20~one hundred 157.2 71 15.two a hundred and forty 202 29.three 21.eight 226 137 3.6
1571 one hundred-2 occasions 22 sixty five~110 178.8 80 18.eight 162 233 38.8 32.four 281 153 4.six
12018 a hundred and twenty-two instances eighteen 35~one hundred twenty five 202.7 ninety 22.7 one hundred seventy 256 forty five.four 43.two 307 181 6.2
12571 one hundred twenty-2 times 22 35~140 222.7 a hundred 22.seven 210 304 forty five.four 69.1 357 181 eight.1

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NM Coupling Curved Jaw Coupling FCL Coupling



About Us

Kasin team was estabEPTTd in 1989, and its 1st product is casting carrier trolley for EPTT amp free of charge conveyor method. In 1995, Kasin obtained HangEPT Guoping EPT Manufacturing facility (LYGP), a marketer of forging bolts amp nuts to EPTT amp free of charge line marketplace in china. With this acquisition, Kasin positioned alone as a single of key areas suppliers of monorail and EPTT amp free of charge conveyor method in china.

In 2005, H ampH Corp., a professional producer of big size conveyor EPT, was bought a part as sharehould by Kasin, and labored as export window to all in excess of the entire world, eEPTTly bucket elevator EPT, suXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. mill EPT, welded mill scaper EPT.

In 2015, Kasin estabEPTTd alone EPTTry business/Kasin EPTTry(ZheJiang )EPTT,Ltd., created fleiXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble coupling, eg: FCL Coupling, NM Coupling, Curved Jaw Coupling, EPTT Coupling andJaw Coupling.

These days,Kasin is 1 of the greatest professional EPTTist of Engineering Class EPTT EPTT, Drop Cast Rivetless EPTT, Cast EPTT, SuXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. Mill EPTT, Bucket EPT EPTT, FleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble Couplings and 100% to oversea industry, covering Japan, U.S. and Europ and so on.

With the certification of ISO 9001 and GB/T 19001, Kasin offer best good quality merchandise at the affordable price tag, to earn-acquire predicament in EPTT-terms cooperation, adhering to the slogan: quotFIRST TIME, Every TIME quot.

Our mission is to give optimum quality merchandise at the very best attainable price. And in undertaking so, to provide an unmatched buyer experience and to create buyer EPTT and satisfaction. EPT, EPTT, Successful, DeveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ing, EPT the 5 critical parts constituting EPT, which is the crucial motto for all of the EPT personnel. Therefore, we maintain striving to create a corporate technique that is hugely appreciated and we hope that you proceed to pick and use Kasin merchandise with satisfaction and pleasure.



Our Support

1. The queries about the coupling will be answered within 24 hours.

two. Update the procession of producing.

three. Our professional engineer can answer specialized inquiries,help you remedy complex difficulties and help you select the most appropriate solution according to your requirment.

4. Warranty twelve months: Totally free replacement of defective merchandise inside of 12 months.

EPTT Specifics amp Shipping

Internal EPTT: EPTT, StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd export EPTT or In accordance to customer’s necessity

Outer EPTT: picket circumstances or According to customer’s need


Q: Are you investing firm or maker ?

A: We are skillfully manufacturer in EPTT and possess ourself EPT amp EPTT-workshop, warmly welcome to visit our manufacturing facility at any time.

Q: How EPTT is your delivery time?

A: EPTTly it is five-10 daEPTTif the goods are in inventory. or it is fifteen-twenty five daEPTTif the items are not in stock, it is in accordance to amount.

Q: Do you offer samples ? is it free of charge or added ?

A: Of course, it’s available for Kasin to submit sample for acceptance free of charge of cost, even so it is Kasin regulation: for new potentioal consumer, sample is totally free but buyer is responsilble for logistic price.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: one hundred%T/T Before shipment soon after inspect effectively

If you have an additional issue, pls really feel free to get in touch with us as below:


No.989,GuoEPTT Street, ZheJiang FengPu EPTT Park,
FengXiHu (West EPT) Dis.an District, ZheJiang , P.R.EPTT, 201400

Tel: 86~571-8822571/88220973-57152031 Fax: 86~571-8822571/88220973-57152030


  in Tshikapa Democratic Republic of the Congo  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Transmission Shaft Coupling Kc 12022 with Sprockets for Driving manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Tshikapa Democratic Republic of the Congo  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Transmission Shaft Coupling Kc 12022 with Sprockets for Driving manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler